What is Boréal ? (english version)


The hospital center of Annecy (FR) asked us for an artwork for the rooms of the intensive care unit, intended for patients who go out of a prolonged coma and to their visitors. From a medical point of view, the phase of awakening is a critical stage for the recovery of the patient.
As it could last several weeks, it is accompanied very frequently with a confusion syndrome: behavior disorders, excitement and confusion going to the sensory hallucination. It is a very challenging phase for the patient as for his family or the medical staff.
The presence of a work of art in this difficult place " must be able to decrease the suffering of the patient by getting its senses, view, audition and possibly touch, by restoring him a sensation of space, freedom, or by recreating familiar environment, by making him participate in an interactive system " says Doctor Sirodot, Director of the resuscitation care unit.

Hugo Verlinde is an artist specialized in the digital medium using Artificial Intelligence. His project called "Boreal", meets the hospital expectations. Boreal is an smart work that is sensitive to a presence in its neighborhood. The aim of Boreal is to arouse a gestural dialogue with the spectator. In a still space, the screen will present a soothing starry sky. As soon as a movement will happen in the room, a flow of colored particles will subtly cross the sidereal universe.
The work will analyze the quality of the movement and will act consequently. Confronted with a chaotic movement, it will return to its initial state. On the other hand, if the movement is susceptible to translate an attention to the artwork, a dialog with it, the flow of particles will draw complex universes.

O. Galaverna
Scientific Director
Art dans la Cité